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I got a few idea's here from our tffa game, tell me what you think

1.Allow duels in Tffa for opposing teams:

Would be nice but i wouldent want tffa matches turning into FFA's with everyone's saber off

2. Allow some benifit for the greater levles of the team heal/energize:

Right now the only difference that i see in the levels is range, a benifit for lv three would be nice, as well as a lowering of the lv1 benifits.

3.Increace velocity of pushed back weapons:

Right now pushings is more of a novelty it most cases, as you can always dodge rather than pushing and ALL guns have a faster ROF than the push cool down. Don't know how easy this would be to implement, not really neccesary as i don't have much problems with gunners.

4. Bind a damn key with your site in it!

Anytime someone asks what promod does your frozen for like 6 min explaining it to them! or just simplfy it as "aim=good"
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