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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Psionic Jedi
[B]Hmm, in FFA I ran up to a saber orgy, killed someone with a red sideswing, killed another with the spin followthrough, turned that spin into a DFA and killed someone in front of me, switched to Light killed someone in back of me with a Backstab, switched to Flechette and blasted the fool in front of me with a double dosage of flakballs, and side kicked someone to left of me ending their life.

WOW. my best was in deul when a guy lunged at me with the red stance jump charge thing light saber itno the ground thingy(Ya know what move i mean) He did the move right at me i crouched slashed in blue stance and i was behind him then i backsabed and he was D E D , dead. HAHAHa. And i jus said "Perfect"

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