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Question "Canon" and Modding

I was talking with AB_Legion and he bought up a good point. How closely should we, the Masters of the Force Team, stick to the "canon" material of the films for design? A good example that I was discussing with AB_Legion was the reloading of blasters. There's three basic ways to look at it.
A) You never SEE anyone reload so you shouldn't in the game.
B) It's implied by visual clues (reload port, extra clips) that you need to reload SOMETIME and therefore should still have to reload at least occasionally.
C) Dude! Han's blowing thru the ammo, he just reloads off camera because it'd slow down the pace of the movie!

This issue applies to other things as well like power weapon design and EU (Extended Universe) material.

I'd like to hear your thoughts. Your input could change the direction of the Mod. Personally, I'm for B or C, I like some of the EU stuff and it would be nice to have some non-blaster guns in the game.

The main link for this Mod is here.

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