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back home again

Bachasaurus, I'm sorry, but my own savegames don't work for myself anymore. Changed my graphics card. Now I have a Gainward GeForce 2 PRO. If I use my start_15_MACHINE file the game crashes to desktop after the first cutscene with Turner and Sophia. I'll try to overcome this with a new driver etc. - I'll come back if there's any news.

Level 15 is really weird. I've got the impression that they had to finish it under pressure. My new graphics card uncovers a lot of 3D glitches. The other levels seem to work so far.

Smithers, hi my friend! Yes, Myst is much easier than Riven. Also, Exile is not a big challenge IMO - however, the artwork is first-class. I recently got a copy of RealMYST. Same puzzles as in Myst but realtime 3D. You can go where you want, daytime changes instantly, butterflies and bats flying, frogs in Channelwood, fishes in Stoneship. Much fun!
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