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226. You grab the flag in CTF, get back to your base and ask "What do I do with the flag?"

227. You think it's l337 to camp with the flag on the rooftops of NS_Streets or on the pipes in Bespin.

228. You come into a Saber Only CTF server and ask "Where are the guns?"

229. You get owned in said Saber Only CTF server and say "Freaking lame, we need guns" but then instead of leaving continue playing and getting owned.

230. You come into said Saber Only CTF server and proclaim all there are "hiding" from guns servers.

231. You bitched to Raven/LEC through e-mail or other correspondance about anything that was "wrong" with version 1.02.

232. You again bitched to Raven/LEC through e-mail or other correspondance about backstab and lunge in version 1.03.

233. You bitch about getting pulled or pushed to your doom when you jump through the air with reckless abandon without even absorb on and then yell "lame pull (push) spammers".

234. You think that it takes any kind of talent to kill anyone with either the rocket launcher, flechette, or heavy repeater weapons.

235. You bitch about being lightning spammed when you do it yourself! Or for that matter complaining about ANYTHING in the game when you yourself do it.

236. Bitch about kickers when all you have to do to avoid is roll left or right or counter kick if they pull you in. Or if they grip kick you bitch instead of pull-kicking the.

237. You complain about ANY move that's in the game or ANY combo of moves that's in the game just because you don't know how to counter it. (Except for saber throw then force pull that sheisse's hella lame )
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