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How many bones must a dragon have to live its life, when the possible outlet of life is destroyed. And how is the Hawk, as free as a bird, able to spread out his wings and eat the juicy vegetable below his enorous feathers? How must the raven go so low, to dismiss the members of the cult that had entered the void wishing to keep on living? These are the questions that enter my mind as I reach out my blood-clotted hand to stars above my rotting corpse. Soon I shall be discovered and my body stewn in a coffin as I sink, six feet under, to the final resting place of my paralysed corpse. Yet I am not dead, but why say it? My internal organs strewn out all over me, my face as white as pastry. It brings me great pleasure to rid me of this painful burden of horror in a coffin, but still I lay in dignity. As death is only the beginning.
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