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this topic has completely melted my head.

it seems that everyone is for freedom of speech, but only if it's their own. or if someone else agrees with them.

i have played the game on v 1.2 /3 and 4 and have always enjoyed it.

if i didnt enjoy the game on .4 i would reinstall it, it only takes ten minutes. fortunately, i do though, so i'll stick with it for now.

a few months ago i was getting nailed by people overusing either heavy special, kick, backstab, pull-backsweep, grip, lightning or any other move (potentially all of them) which they spammed. i eventually figured out ways to avoid/nullify each one.

now i am in no ways a pro at this game but i have done my best to adjust to the tactics used by others who are looking for a quick kill. i honestly dont think complaining about a move/force being too powerful or spammed because their is a counter for everything and with every patch there will be po#tential for spamming.

and i agree with stalker... if someone is using the same move on me over and over, i do it back to them.

always will be whiners, always will be spammers. i'm just dealing with it. adapt.
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