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Originally posted by Homosexual Ewok

I got to check that out, I've always wanted a bot that does stuff humans do like saber throw+pull and the likes.
Not sure if that app could accomplish that but it's a start.
The force powers and saber color are also things that can be set when making the bot. It is an easy interface....pretty much point and click. You can set up their powers just like you do for yourself for playing online.

A few tips, Reflex is set to 500 as default, lower it to at least 300. Also give them perfect aim and a hate factor of 10, and of course ally them with no one. There are a few other things as well, but a little playing with the utility is all it takes.

I have a few really tough bots, Vader, Maul, Wicked and Lord Rive. Be glad to email them to you to compare settings while learning the utility.

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