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I think it's about time to resurrect this one, on the eve of the one year anniversary.

I just read through this entire thread again. It's hard to believe it was an entire year ago. It really doesn't seem that long. We kept this one alive for a while though.

A lot of emotion here in this thread. Wow.

It's surprising in retrospect how accurate some of the guesses about what was going on, and what was about to happen were.
There's a lot of names here we don't see around here much (or at all) anymore.
I'm still feel bad that Zaarin left over this.
What ever happened to Hannibal anyway? He was a popular one around here for a time, no? He never informed us about the great secret plan for foiling the terrorists without a war he kept hinting at. Oh well, our loss I suppose. He must have left to take that job at the State Department or something, I guess. We ended up going to war anyway, and are now tooling up for a second one with Iraq. Oh well.

I hope tomorrow is uneventful. I don't ever want a repeat of last year.

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