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Originally posted by Homosexual Ewok
I like the Crimson Guard, but most pure servers don't have it...

I use this to cycle the different Reborn skins if I can't use the CG.

set change1 "model reborn/default;bind PGUP vstr change2"
set change2 "model reborn/acrobat;bind PGUP vstr change3"
set change3 "model reborn/fencer;bind PGUP vstr change4"
set change4 "model reborn/forceuser;bind PGUP vstr change5"
set change5 "model reborn/boss;bind PGUP vstr change1"
bind PGUP vstr change1

*I left out the red/blue because they are kind of bland...
OOH nice script, I hope you don't mind if I borrow it to cycle my Reborn and Jedi/j2 models .

Yeah, I use Forceuser Reborn and Jedi/j2 variant mostly. It's cause they look like the most generic "Jedi" in the game, jedi trainer looks too much like a Monk, Luke is plain luke.

Meanwhile the Reborns are mysterious figures with cloaks and the jedi/j2 is the classic bearded man of Starwars , so it achieves a more starwars-like feel than some dirty bearded merc slashing away with a lightsaber.

This said I only download custom models to see other people use them, not for myself, since I'm worried people will see me as a generic Kyle.

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