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sam and max 2!!! yayayay

im a samn max fan from way back..and always checked the sites on the net..1st we had the news that their would be a new comic, then that wouldnt be comin out...then that their was a cartoon then the disappointment that it was cancelled..then the news that sumthin great would be happenin on the ol brd..the news that their would be a comic strip..then that never happened..then the newso f a new game samnmax 2 then the disappointment that infinite machine had gone bankrupt and it wasnt gonna the news that every1 was been waiting 4..that ive been waitin 4 9 years!! lucasarts makin a couldnt be better!! and we know lucasarts sure aint gonna go under....wooo hooo ( i was hierohero on the ol brds btw)

heres an email i sent steve recently...

>i bought sam & max hit the road when it came out in 93..when i was
>13..obviously one of my fav. games of all time..and an absolute
>classic...after waiting all these years..sam & max 2 will finally be
>22 now..and i know its sad but i couldnt be happier! ahh i cant wait..wish
>you all the best with the game steve!

Hey Tim--

I'm always bumping into grown-ups who say, "I was a kid when I first played
Sam & Max!" Makes me feel a little decrepit but it's great that so many
people still have fond feelings for that old game. We'll try to do another
wacky romp that's true to Sam & Max. Thanks for writing!

--Steve P.

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