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I understand bots are bound to using the bot routes, but that is a navigational thing for the maps. What I was talking about was making them more of a challenge when fighting. to your statement the bots basic behavior cannot be changed....well, no you cant change the routes they take, but as far as their behavior goes, you could not be more wrong.

Using the bot utility to make them better, I know for a fact bots can be vastly improved. You can design the bot to have any characteristics you want it to have, be 3x more aggressive, what strength in specific force powers and what weapons it uses the best. It's reflexes can be improved and it can be given perfect aim, which means it does not miss.

I even made one bot an Absorb/Saber throw whore, to practice against for a certain reason. No, they are not perfect or like fighting a l337 human opponents, but they sure are a whole lot better than the out of the box bots.

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