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Originally posted by ASk
Darth Kaan:

The code determines the usage of the forces in various situations. The code determines when the bot uses a particular weapon (something like "if he is weak and up close, switch to bryar pistol" only far more expanded). The code determines how the bot swings the saber, how he blocks and when he blocks. The .jkb file only sets minor behaviors, the reaction time and the accuracy for example. But this won't make a bot to throw a saber and manipulate it for it to hit from behind. This won't make a bot fight any smarter..more lethal perhaps.

The strategy of the fight can't be changed without modifying the source code...plenty of it.
Whatever. I think your being anal and reading way to much into this. Anyway, I KNOW the bot utility works and allows you to make bots that are way more of a challenge than the ones out of the box.
It does allow you to choose what specific powers a bot uses, dark, light or neutral, what strength, their saber color, hate factor, reflex ratio, if they are al;igned with any other bot/character, perfect aim or not, regularity of their chat ability and a few other things. This all changes their basic behavior and I will keep using them (the enhanced ones) as will at least 30 others I know of.

Have a nice day!

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