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Any1 else hate this patch like i do?
i dont know but let me say what wrong with it:
1:This patch was obviously designed for Light Force user
Why:If your Dark and a person come behind you and grip+push basicaly your screwed on 1.3 and other patch you could actualy make your way back with lunge

2:The Thins is called "Light Saber" not a freaking Baseball bat designed for Kids

3:When you fall like in streets(the maps) and you manage to lands on something here what happens,if your light you can activate protect and save up some health,But if your dark even if you fall Rage wont save up much health since your loosing it when your activating rage that stupid.

4:FFA Server is plain stupid it a DFA Wars(Red Stance) so it just get boring

5:It was also designed for Duel even in FFA

6:It is Designed for freakin newbies that didnt guess that a pull can be easily countered even if your dark!

7ark Rage is totaly useless since you can push when your knocked

8:The Worst lamest thing,CTF,omg that jk2 mode seriously need a 1 hit kill i mean it just lame the carrier get team healed and he team energize his team so in a big ctf server you got to take out all the freakin team healer wich it take forever since they always manage to get near the carrier and even if the team healer is death the carrier still can drain his life back so you got to get the perfect timing on kick and take em out by doing a throw+lunge attack and wish hes done for but that rarely happen execpt for no pickups server

9:Playing Dark Force just blow there thousand of lightning and you have a liltle chance to drain em all
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