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*alys began to get impaitent. She sat, her fighter hidden from imperial cameras which now adorned their city. the ****pit was becoming uncomfortable, and she poped the top, and went out and stretched her muscles. several leg and arm streatches, she took off her helmat and let her hair down. She scratched her head a tad, and paced.

She looked at the insignia on her fighter, the hawk with a lightsaber in it's claws, an old double edged version of the weapon. She then took out her fathers CorSec card, which he handed to her when he died. the same insignia. odd, she always thought her family was non-force adept. maybe she was wrong. though, it had a Co-ordinate set for Corellia, where she was told to eventually go.

If it still existed. She sighed, thinking of her family. Corellia was a nice place, though she never found out if it even survived the Holocaust.

her attentioned then turned to the fighter itself. it was her uncles, handed down through the generations, some even say her family's ancestors piloted it during the Clone Wars, which means.... ah never mind. Jedi weren't even around in numbers today, even if she wanted to get herself tested. She chuckled, and went to the storage hatch, and opened it. She got out a fruit, and bit into it. Closing the hatch, she again paced around her starfighter. She paued a minute, and hopped on the nose of her figter to sit.*

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