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I had an idea

those Next, Prev, Use scripts, I was wondering, is it possible to add a 'random' command ?

right now it's, example:

bind key vstr "Use"
bind key vstr "Next"
bind key vstr "Previous"

and I was thinking

bind key vstr "Use"
bind key vstr "Next"
bind key vstr "Random"
bind key vstr "Previous"

so if you didn't want to choose and then click 'Use' you'd just press the 'Random' key and it'd choose the next model/name/etc on the list, press it again and it goes to the next, and so on...

here is an example script that you can work with. I hope someone can do this, might come in handy in the making of future scripts

set UseFav "vstr Fav01"
set NextFav "vstr Fav02"
set PreviousFav "vstr Fav08"

set Fav01 "set UseFav model reborn; set PreviousFav vstr Fav10; set NextFav vstr Fav02; echo ^6Reborn"
set Fav02 "set UseFav model reborn/acrobat; set PreviousFav vstr Fav01; set NextFav vstr Fav03; echo ^4Reborn ^4Acrobat"
set Fav03 "set UseFav model reborn/boss; set PreviousFav vstr Fav02; set NextFav vstr Fav04; echo ^1Reborn ^1Boss"
set Fav04 "set UseFav model reborn/fencer; set PreviousFav vstr Fav03; set NextFav vstr Fav05; echo ^2Reborn ^2Fencer"
set Fav05 "set UseFav model reborn/forceuser; set PreviousFav vstr Fav04; set NextFav vstr Fav06; echo ^3Reborn ^3Forceuser"
set Fav06 "set UseFav model imperial; set PreviousFav vstr Fav05; set NextFav vstr Fav07; echo ^5Imperial"
set Fav07 "set UseFav model imperial/commander; set PreviousFav vstr Fav06; set NextFav vstr Fav08; echo ^5Imperial ^5Commander"
set Fav08 "set UseFav model imperial/officer; set PreviousFav vstr Fav07; set NextFav vstr Fav01; echo ^5Imperial ^5Officer"
set Fav09 "set UseFav model reborn/red; set PreviousFav vstr Fav08; set NextFav vstr Fav10; echo ^1Reborn ^1Red"
set Fav10 "set UseFav model reborn/blue; set PreviousFav vstr Fav09; set NextFav vstr Fav01; echo ^5Reborn ^5Blue"

bind kp_UPARROW vstr "UseFav"
bind kp_PGUP vstr "NextFav"
bind kp_Home vstr "PreviousFav"

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