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Redwing: Well maybe Irvine overherd and yelled it in there ^_^
becuase he is right now getting impatent becuase the entire group and allong him were goign to meet someone that no one is sure is freindy or not, but to him he know who ever it was, was up to no good.
so he's getting impatent becuase both freighters need repairs and the reason he scouted the airbase was so that he coudl find some parts incase he and the others needed them...

Irvine: "Okay fine, its getting dark, ill go find the scrap myself!"

*Irvine goes back into his freighter and puts on a long leather trenchcoat, also doing so, he conseals his silverbox in side it, along with two blasters, with no flashlight...*
*Irvine walks out of his freighter and locks the doors via remote, and begins walking towards one abandoned bunkers...*

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