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(("The Imps got my brother, (but) my sister and Mother are at a Republic base" - am I right?))

Misae: *looking around* They were just here a minute ago!

*closes her eyes and stretches out with her mind* They didn't go to far. I have to find them. *she runs out of the transport*


*Outside in the lengthing shadows, Marin and Aidan slip around on the far side of the set of bunkers*

Aidan: Oh great, the sun's going down and I haven't slept.

Marin: You can always sleep like a human.

Aidan: Fat lotta good that'll do me. Sleep like a human, weak like a human. No offense to you, of course.

Marin: None taken. 'Sides, I'm a Water-Breather, not a regular human.

Aidan: I wouldn't say you're a "regular" Water-Breather either.

Marin: Well you aren't a regular gargie either. I dun't recall hearing about them throwing zappers in bio.

Aidan: Yeah. Think this was a mistake?

Marin: *looks at him*

Aidan: I mean, think we coulda stayed with those revolutionaries? They seemed nice enough.

Marin: Nah. It'd be stupid to get attached to anyone in this dimension.

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