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okay im confused, if any of ya are supposed to be talking to irvine like his right there in front of ya, guess what, he's not :P
he's already wandered off into some bunkers looking for scrap metal and maybe a decent weilder, until orthos spoke to him through the force, which got Irvine very confused, and stoped dead in his tracks...
but if not, well oops :P

Irvine: "Aw, crap, that was sorta spooky, stupid imagination, heh, how to i let such things bother me."

*Irvine only laughs at the situation, and continues to walk until he sees a barely lit room...*

Irvine: "Well, what do we have here?"

*Irvine walks in, and notices the the base still has barely any power left due to some of the curcut breakers where still on, and still receiving power from a relay station comming from a not to far city about 20 or so miles east...*

Irvine: "Hmm, if i flip this switch, maybe we'd get power to some of the lights on the base, but not all of em, heck there might be quite a few places where it just might be dark, oh well..."

*Irvine hits one of the switches for some of the lights on the base, trying not to hit to meny due to a possible surge, lights flicker on all around the base, and like her predicted some of the lights where blown out, or just blown out due to the power surging through the old relays of circuts around the base...*

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