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Poem: Genesis

Good evening.


False starts, uneven beginnings, a pastel shade of morning dew are wrapped up in her eyes. Shards of me lie on the floor, now I pick them up, now I walk away.

Night sky keeps calling my name, a window open allowing smoke to blur the moon. Silhouettes against the stars, now so distance, once so close.

Walking towards god knows where, all uncertain, unaware. Back to basics I have gone, lies dried up, I move on.

Nothing left for me in the gutter, the stars quite far away. So I climb, and so I mutter, I am going to make it, some day.

Thank you.

This is the night. This is the end of one hope, the dawn of another . This is the beginning of all that may yet be. This is solitude. This is moonlight. This is the darkness.

"I will do what I have to do. I will do what I must." - The Sandman.
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