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Deac: no one knows that Irvine is a Cracken, as far as everyone knows his name is Irvine Craceren
and as for fearing anything, Irvine hasnt expressed any feeling towards any new empire :P
so im just going to ignore that bit of diologe

*Irvine walks into the barely lit bunker, then Irvine sees something*

Irvine: "There! A mig weilder! its not the best but, it will work."

*Irvine also notices a bit of steel laying about on the floor, so then he wheels the mig wielder (it has wheels on it) and picks up a fair sized piece of steel and starts walking back to his freighter, but not unholstering a blaster and shoots out all the lights behind him with out even looking to aim...*

Irvine: "Well, i have to admit, i still have no clue how im able to do that... heh."

*unknownly do to his aiming of his blaster and not knownly that he sensed the position of each light, he sends a flaint distubence in the force...*

<Insert a certainly of the jedi close by about Irvines abilities...>

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