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Tall Guy posts:
ok...someone read that to me...
theres too much info! heh
and then xGimx posts:
haha I thought the same thing...

two forum members,
two forum mod's actually
and well it is a nice way
of saying pass,
I do not think I will bother
to post or play this game;
and yet I play, ME.
the only person on this
GF forum playing your game.
I give it a chance,
I kind of think that makes me
well a good sport really,
because I could have ignored
your efforts and let this post
to go the way of the versus game
(which by the way has never seen
a player or gotten a response)
but no I tried to play along,
and I was trying to inject
a bit of action and excitement
into your game;
go left, right, or straight ahead
WOW! you should have a job
at Lucasarts programing GF2.
just think of it?
*insert image later on*
bold type face interface
blocky pixcelated Manny
"player chose L? R? or S?
send in your resume Sanspoof,
I mean quit highschool,
and forget college or university."

mercatfat said:
It had such potential, too.

most likely he meant was
what a weinner you were
Eggplant for even playing
this game in the first place.

But I stand corrected.
you are right Snaspoof.
I should not have said
mod's close this post,
it is not my place.
and I should not have even
posted this reply;
I should merely let time
and silence envelope this
game just like the versus game.
And for that I thank you,
I was a poor sport
to even sugguest it.

But I will not make
that mistake a second time.

Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick once and you suck forever
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