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((I did, Battledog, or rather, Death did.

Originally posted by Redwing
((Posting for Death again - i.e. stuff under "Ken'atra" Death wrote, etc))


Hmm…this place is getting too hot. *he grabs onto the Time Matrix and thinks of his next target. If he messes things up enough then maybe the holocaust won't happen. Maybe…mother always told him to have faith. Oh mother, to see her once again would be…unspeakable. He can still remember it, the fresh air, the sun, the big fields of green grass. He can almost smell the scent of flowers…Wait! He CAN smell flowers! His eyes fly open and he looks around. This is all so familiar. This is…home* Oh no…
Of course, maybe your uncle lived on the same moon, or the architecture is just really similar.))

Rwos: He's likely somewhere close. *he stands up and walks toward the farmhouse* Let's see what we can find out from the locals, if anything. *over his shoulder, to Flax* If this is your uncle's farmhouse, then maybe Ken'atra has chosen to come here with him gone. Or perhaps he has some connection with him that you didn't know of...

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