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((From what I understand, Orthos has an Avatar with in him, making him a Darkiller, as such he has some knowledge, that others don't, like Irvine being a Cracken. Although if I'm wrong, I'm sure Deac will say something)).

While this is going on, Heimdall's remote, beeps, signalling the arrival of his Ship.

Heimdall's: beautiful, exotic, and prestine (Aesirian, which noone will know) freighter lands next to Rachels ship.

Heimdall: Well my ship has arrived, Now we have to get pass the shields, for some reason I don't think we are going to make it if we fly out in this frieghter, followed by a pair of X-wings.

This is what I propose we do. My ship's cargo holds, can fit an x-wing in it. We also can tap into the computers from my ships comm system. So, we place an X-wing in the cargo hold, the other flys in the sensor shadow cast by the me ship. Once we clear the shields, Hal sends his codes, we launch the X-wing in the hold, and make a run for it.

The other benefit, is my ship has a lot of weaponry on it, that can help. So shall we do this, or does someone has something better?

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