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Raschel: I'm only an amateur slicer. I've known some of the best, but I never had opportunity to actually slice anything that level of military. I think Orthos has had some experience *glances at him for confirmation*


*Marin and Aidan stop in surprise when a floodlight activates right above them, then run as the whole base's lights turn on*


*Misae stops outside the freighter as she senses a small, but distinctive ripple in the Force. It had come from that bunker ahead...she heads toward the source*


*Heimdall's ship lands and Heimdall makes his proposal*

Raschel: I think your idea is our best option. This freighter is nothing but a heavily rigged derelict. I say we blow it up and let the Imperials sift through the scrap. But we need to get Misae and those two kids back here first. *Raschel turns around and ducks into the cockpit* I'll take the shields down...*she notices the new ships on the sensors* Oh Sithspit! We have company!

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