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Score update

Gendo 42 points.

Huz 9 points

Sanspoof 8 points

scabb 6 points

JofaGut 5 points
2 points for guessing first try
1 point for movie
1 point for director
1 point for creative signature.

*it was actor Harrison Ford
playing the part of
Blade Runner Rick Deckard
from Philp K Dick novel
originally titled
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.*

"eat exuding oinks upon and bleed
decrepit broken bones at caustic
spells of hell!"

ah, yes the up beat song lyrics
of Mel Torme. so glad to see there's
another fan of the Velvet Fog out there.

Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick once and you suck forever
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