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*Ken'atra watches the group and his eyes narrow. They can't be here...this isn't right! He advances on them but a shout makes him stop short. He startles and without thought turns himself into a dog like creature. They roam the wild here and he won't be noticed. He picks up the Time Matrix that fell to the floor with his teeth and hides.*
*A woman in a somewhat dirty dress runs up to the strange group* Ex-excuse me? I'm sorry, hello. My sons *she looks over her shoulder at two boys, they look to be about seven* ran inside the house telling me that men fell from the sky. Would you please tell me what you're doing here?

"They didn't name him Death for nothing, you know. He's a killer, a murderer. Men, women, children...doesn't matter, if they're in his way...if he's bored. He'll kill 'em all. He has no respect for life. He only wants to kill and destroy."- Stealth
"He could change. If we could get him he could change."- Nivek
"No, I don't think so. No one can stop Death."- Stealth
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