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objective based map Beta

Just Finished a rough version of my map

Rebel Escape Beta 1.0

The Rebel Escape Beta 1.0
Author Miggs the Just

Install- Throw this PK3 in your base folder

Notes- Basicly to run the game the way I intended it you play this as a CTF game with flag count set to 1 and time limit of 20 min.

This is just a modified version of the FFA_Deathstar map. Right now in beta form it's pretty crude, but I wanted to test the gameplay before refigning the map.

Im working on changing the sounds and the flag models but for right now just try to live with it. If you can help me with this please E-mail me.

Please also let me know of any glitches or gameplay issues that come up, I really want the game smooth at this point before moving on.

This is not a mod so all mods should work with it.


General- The Rebels Have been captured and have to escape the Deathstar. First they will have to dissable the forcefield surrounding their ship. once the force field is deactivated they must steal the Deathstar plans from the control room. If the Rebels steal the plans and return them to their ship they win. If the Imperials can defend the plans for 20 mins they win.

Rebel Specific-you will be at a disadvantage weapon wise until the force field is deactivated. once the shield is down you can access the weapons in your ship. the force field is deacivated
by standing in front of the Forcefield generator and pressing the use button. A message will come up telling the team that the Field is deactivating. After disabling the field the Rebels must reach the Imperial control room on the second floor and steal the data plans (represented by the Red Flag) from the small containment booth. Any sealed doors can be hacked into by standing in front of the blue door control and pressing the use button.
Hacking into a door takes 1 minute. If you are killed and respawn in the detention area you must get an ally to release you. They can do this from any of the 4 droid terminals located throughout the level or at the detention area controls. The Terminals also open the garbage masher door. To win the data plans must be returned to the ship and transmitted (represented by the blue flag)

Empire Specific-As long as the Force Field surrounds the Rebel ship you are at an advantage weapon wise, protect the Generator! Your weapons locker is located in the conference room. the blast door on the second level can be sealed by pressing use by the door control but it can only be sealed once so use it wisely. Even after the door is sealed there are still ways
to reach the control room. Delay the Rebels at every opportunity any victory is yours.

Miggs the Just

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