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You were most likely ftp'ing to to get to your website. Now you'll need to log into w/ your same username and password you used before.

Your site changes may be lost though. They were lost for my hosted site, so watch out for that. Apparently the hosted server was under quite a bit of stain a few months ago, so the admins got a new ones & copied all our sites over to the new box (this was back in July). They didn't really tell us that ran the sites that servers were changed, and DNS hadn't been updated to the new box, so we were all still uploading our sites to the old server. Once the DNS switchover finally took place in mid august we had to start FTP'ing to From what I know all our changes are sitting on the old server & are lost now. Gotta suck it up & hope you made backups.

Let me know if they reply to you. I have a bear of a time getting a hold of any of the sysadmins 'round here.

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