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Reason why JK2 Community is dying..

Simple. Raven doesn't know how to patch games. After every patch, a big chunk of the players left because the game was altered waaay too much.

All they did was respond to the newbies who die too fast. It's all because of the success of counterstrike which is very newbie friendly and attracted a large number of people. It's the only FPS game that u can not move and spam and skill kill people. It's purely made for morons that have no gaming experience and just plain suck at games.

Course everyone who complained about all these moves that were patched were all newbies that did not know how to dodge or counter anything. Hell, i'm willing to bet some of these whiners are keyboard cowboys.

Raven only cares about profit and they see that profit is targetting mass market, which means they want even the dumbest of people be able to play the game. So any whining about anything that makes them die to fast will be patched.
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