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well i think jk2 right now is pretty good to be honest, at first there was a big degree of random sabre movement where it was harder to control, but now they have listend to the real players and the noobies and tried to make a game sort of in the middle, the game still has to be played with a degree of skill as well as it being pretty easy to pick up for new players, same as the guy said with counter strike, im sure a newbie can pick it up quickly but they would have no chance against a vet cs player, where as a newbie in jk2 would be able to pick up the moves quickly, he would have no chance against an experianced dueler, if u manage to get killed by a newbie doing a special move then thats only ur fault for puting ur self in the position to be "special moved" on, i try my best never to do this an thus the noobie doesnt get me
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