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If i had HALF the lucky/awsome things i've seen/done you guys would have a movie you'd never forget! i'll name afew:
Me and afew Clan buddys are fighting in a duel... me being one of the few LIGHT jedis had to use Sight on them, as i was running around my freind gave up looking and just walked around... i ran around a corner and my sight went off and at that same second he try'd a DFA... guess what! HE NAILED ME DEAD ON! KILL TO THE HEAD! LUCKAYBABAY!
Or when i was playing CTF in a 20 player server (packed BTW) and 6 of them were at my flag waiting for me to comeback and score... so they had there backs to eachother doing the janitor move making it imposible for me to do anything... i grabed a rocket and knocked 2 of them off the egde i then pulled my saber out and slashed down 2 of them while pushing 2 of the edge and SCOREING THE WINNING POINT... if only i had 'em on demos

some funny ones have been when i'm running down a hallway with a flag and 4 guys on my back spamming the flatchet i stop and they all come crashing into my back when i do the lameyetfunbackslashandkillall4ofthem move :P

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