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Originally posted by Dunpeel
First of all, veterans would not have been hit with the 1.02 DFA. If ANY you guys are complaining about that move, you guys are the definately noobs and most likely contributed to the nerfing of the game. You can EASILY dodge the 1.02 DFA with side rolls...which i doubt takes much skill unless you guys are handicapped.

The nerfing of the forces and various other things were just terrible. And honestly, the damage setting was perfect originally (maybe blue should have been tweaked up slightly) since this is a LIGHT saber not a butter knife.

A good game should not require custom mods to fix the problems that the original game had.

If you lamers prefer 15 mins to kill a player and constitute that as "fun" and "skilled", i have nothing to say to your noobs.
Your post really toes the line between a differing opinion and flat out flaming. Be warned, flaming is not appreciated here, and the admins are very active. You're new here, so I'm just letting you know, that sort of thing is not tolerated around here. (not that I have any power over you).

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