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Honestly, I think bitter and poor attitudes on the part of some (a lot actually) players is what is driving people away from this game.

Hell, the other night I spent almost an hour and a half teaching "newbies" how to Full Force duel. I could have been a prick and "owned" (I hate that term btw) them but what would that have done?
I frustrated someone new into quitting the game?
I make a medium level player give up and go play something else?

The reason this community has dropped has a lot to do with the patches, I agree, but to keep it from getting any smaller we need to start acting like a "community" and not a bunch of "Counter-Strike I am 13373R than yOu aR3" type idiots.

I hated both patches, they were stupid and the game itself is not as cool as it was, but I still like the game, I like the Star Wars franchise, and I respect the players that I face. So what if they are not as good? As long as we both have fun who cares.

The game still sells well, so that in turn means a steady stream of new players.

But it is up to those already here not to make the new players first experiences so poor that they quit before ever really getting involved in the game.
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