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Why many people no longer post WIPs here.

Just wanted to let you all know that I am still working on quite a few projects...the only reason I don't post them here (and quite a few others don't as well) is because of the lack of response time and support from the general crowd.

You people have to realize one thing - this board is great for help, but a lot of the times you have people who are in need of help and get moderators. That's pretty bad. On top of that, WIP threads get locked when person after person starts whining that the project is dead and someone isn't updating. That's one of the main reasons why the ROTJ team has not updated a thing in our thread. Because people jump to conclusions and assume too much. Then, when someone posts his/her thoughts or feelings on an issue, the topic either gets deleted or is locked immediately by Kman.

Yes, this is the modeling forum. But as the modeling forum stands, even modeling related topics (ranging from discussing models being released, to WIPs) get locked and deleted.

If you want the modeling forum to be only WIP threads, then just call it the Model WIP forum. Simple as that. Modeling is a broad word when discussing a game, so tons of different topics are going to get brought up. I am sick of seeing threads/replies locked/deleted that were perfectly good questions/points that just didn't fit into someone's idea of what a modeling forum should have.

I posted a WIP in the mapping forum, and instead of getting any kind of help, it hit rock-bottom. I now have my WIP posted in a different forum completely, and have gotten more views and replies in one day than I did in a week here. See my point?

Well, it probably won't be long until this thread is locked or for those of you who get to see it I strongly suggest you just work on what you have and don't worry about what many people think here. 90% of the replies to your topic are either going to come from you, or someone wondering if your project is dead.

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