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Okay, I did a complete rewrite & it works now. This one has the next, execute, & Qpick functions. This will allow you to use the Qpick button to execute the next model without having to see the name first, which is what you wanted. I also added in the red & blue reborn models for the hell of it.

set next-model "vstr model-2"
set execute-model "vstr model-1"
set Qpick-model "vstr model-2"

set model-1 "set execute-model model reborn; set next-model vstr model-2; set Qpick-model model reborn/blue; echo reborn"
set model-2 "set execute-model model reborn/blue; set next-model vstr model-3; set Qpick-model model reborn/red; echo reborn/blue"
set model-3 "set execute-model model reborn/red; set next-model vstr model-4; set Qpick-model model reborn/acrobat; echo reborn/red"
set model-4 "set execute-model model reborn/acrobat; set next-model vstr model-5; set Qpick-model model reborn/boss; echo reborn/acrobat"
set model-5 "set execute-model model reborn/boss; set next-model vstr model-6; set Qpick-model model reborn/fencer; echo reborn/boss"
set model-6 "set execute-model model reborn/fencer; set next-model vstr model-7; set Qpick-model model reborn/forceuser; echo reborn/fencer"
set model-7 "set execute-model model reborn/forceuser; set next-model vstr model-1; set Qpick-model model reborn; echo reborn/forceuser"

bind F1 vstr next-model
bind F2 vstr execute-model
bind F3 vstr Qpick-model

However, you cannot have a previous function & have the Qpick button work properly. If you wanted the same ability to pick the next model without seeing the name displayed while scrolling through the previous models, you will have to have a second Qpick button. This would be five buttons total.

Qpickprevious-model, previous-model, execute-model, next-model, & Qpicknext-model, for example.
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