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I posted this on the other "Is JKO Dying?" thread and thought I would post it here as it references a lot of what has already been said, and also addresses things that haven't been said as well.

In short, the main thing that is "killing" JKO besides Raven's inability to properly finish/tweak the game is...

The game has no depth because it is geared toward the same old DM, TDM, Dueling and has a very poor CTF model and that gets awfully boring after about 20 minutes even with the SW characters. Add Raven's continual nerfing of the game which turns it into a one-stance/skill spam game (red stance) and this all adds up to a very boring and shallow experience.

And when a game lacks depth and skill it loses players. Period.

Even with the addition of Promod and the fifty billion Mods out there (that really don't do anything to create a new game type) it's still the same old DM, Dueling, TDM and badly implemented CTF.

What JKO needs in terms of its Mods is its version of Counter-Strike.

Not the game itself of course, but a total conversion that deviates from the standard DM, CTF, TDM and Dueling which is primarily what JKO is geared toward... But COULD be doing so much more with the team aspects of the SW considering the characters that inhabit it (Bounty Hunters, Gangsters, Jedis, Sith, Imperials, Trade Federation, etc.).

Even though in practice, CS people run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to be Rambo and get the most kills per round, the core concept took the tired old game types of DM and TDM and turned it into something completely different based on the games original engine.

That's the kind of Mod JKO is desperately in need of right now.

Not the seemingly infinite window dressing Mods that are currently out there (and coming ).

There is an upcoming class-based, objective Mod that is in the works. Basically, a JKO Team Fortess Mod.

And while it focuses on specific classes with specific abilities, what would be even better is if evolved into a less class based system so that team members could just be autonomous units (Bounty Hunters, Jedi, Sith, etc) and be equally matched if within their class if they wanted -- Kind of like CS -- So that if you are more into the Rambo type of gameplay, but want a more structured and objective based type of game other than CTF that would suit you just fine.

I mean, this is just merely a throw-away-suggestion since the Mod isn't even out yet... But it is thinking like this that the JKO Community needs to start thinking about if they want the game to continue to thrive and not just be a game that only a thousand or so people play.

I understand the goal is not to top other games in terms of players. That would be silly. But if you have a unique game type (Mod) that springs from an already popular game then chances are more people WILL play it, thus giving the game extended life for veteran players and newbies alike.

I agree that Raven needs to HELP the Mod Community more than they have as well. No question.

The other factor I wanted to touch on the very thing that Homosexual Ewok brought up and that is the attitudes of the players playing JKO and how the way they treat newbies is often the main thing that drives away potential players who would have normally stayed and become part of the community.

A lot of us who play online games are NOT within the target demographic that originally was intended for the game... Even with the SW fanbase being so diverse.

Most games are aimed at the 13-25 year old age brackets. That's just fact.

But ironically, guess who is mostly playing online games?

People like myself who are in their late 20s and older (all the way up to 50s).

I'm bringing this up because obviously older players like myself are going to want somethnig different out of the games they play than someone younger than us.

Going back to what I said earlier about new game types other than DM, TDM, Dueling and CTF, I know for a fact that as I get older, I do want more team-oriented games and games that require using your wits as well as your weapons. JKO is just a "red-stance" spam fest thanks to Raven and to me, is very boring which is I think why I mainly stopped playing.

You can call me a Noob or unskilled lamer all you want, but the stats speak the truth since a lot of players are leaving the game and no new ones arriving (on average).

In addition, DM, TDM (guns or sabers or both) is also very boring for someone like me because as you get older you DO lose some of your reflexes -- And more importantly, time to practice your moves as older players are holding full-time jobs, families and other real world, adult responsibilities versus the 13 year old who runs home from school and spends 5 hours a night honing their Blue Lunge attack because they don't have to worry about paying the rent, putting food on the table, etc.

I'm not trying to stereotype anyone with these facts. I'm just stating the reality of the world outside online gaming.

The other factor about age and people playing the game is that the attitudes of younger players is 9 times out of 10 more geared toward competition and "owing" people to give themselves an ego boost whereas the older crowds are more toward "owing" people... But also RESPECTING them as well and just making sure everyone is having a good time because of their... Maturity.

I realize I making broad generalizations and there are of course exceptions to every rule, but I think it is fair to say what I stated above is accurate as it pertains to online gaming in general. At least, it has been my personal experience, anyway.

Unfortunately, a lot of the younger and immature players (regardless of age) are the ones the new players meet first. The new players then get discouraged or pissed and decide the game isn't worth their time and leave. The sad part about all of this is that they weren't given the chance to even see if JKO is something they would like to be a part of, let alone be good at if given the time to develop their skills.

So. There are a lot of things to consider here and I hope everyone takes the time to do so as JKO may not be "dying" in the strictest sense, but somethnig major is going to have to happen for it to be a game of any substance and staying power.

It's at a crucial time right now -- whether those of you want to admit it or not -- And it desperately is in need of something if it wants to remain a widely played game.
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