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Well Spider Al you make very good points but...

We like the game. They want to BE Jedi. That's why there are less people playing the game now than there were: Serious gamers have gone back to Quake 3 and UT because that's where the big contests are... And SW fanboy hobbyists have given up playing because they aren't willing to gain the skill to survive... yet they hate losing. That's why.
Without those "SW fanboy hobbyists" the game would not have been made. If there is no interest in the license they would not bother to pay for it. I might have taken it the wrong way but that statement seems abrasive to me.

But the game is far from dead. People like me, who enjoy the game for what it is, still play.
But the main reason I care for the popularity of this game is for servers. You all argue that the game is not dead because YOU get to play. I cannot because the servers are shut down in my area. I live in Hawaii and many of those servers and West Coast servers are gone. Now go ahead and make a ignorant remark like "Make your own server". So I can play with bots?

So JO isn't successful. Big deal!
It is a big deal to those who cannot play now so be mindful that popularity affects some of us in this "community"

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