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Easy, an official expansion pack with more maps , models, and skins!! I truly believe that this game was rushed out in an attempt to make its release correspond with Episode 2. This fact is obvious when you look at the limited skins and maps.

Lucas and Raven need to humble themselves and talk to the modelers / mappers that frequent these forums. I've played some awesome third-party maps and have been amazed at the detail of the 3rd party skins / models.

My main complaints are as follows. The 3rd party maps, and sometimes skins, take forever to D/L from a host site. In addition most 3rd party maps offer no BOT support. The result is that many players hit ESC when they see the lengthy D/L time. I start the game, and log on to a server, to play not D/L.

If all of us had a majority of the skins / maps, this would not be an issue. An expansion pack is one of the big answers.

DAMNIT! I'm not a nOOb, in the scope of things I'm as old as Yoda so my reflexes are a bit slower!

I'm so old that I was typing basic commands into my Atari 800 while most of you young whippersnappers weren't even a sparkle in your Daddy's eyes!! LOL!
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