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Start with 1.04 and then go to 1.02?!?!? Why on earth would anyone do that

My advice is: Use Promod. If you can't find any Promod servers, use 1.04. If you're lucky, you'll find 1.04 servers with upped saber damage.

Here's what happened:

The game started out with 1.02.

There were many things wrong with 1.02. Not just bugs, but many balancing issues too. Sabers were deadly, though, which IMHO is a good thing compared to the following patches.

The community started bitching and whining.
"Waahhh Waahh Waaaaaahhh!! I can't counter grip grip is too powerful sabers are too powerful I get killed by the flechette over and over again I can't deal with drain DFA get's me every time 'cause I can't get out of the way Waahh wwwaaaahhhwaahh.." (You get the idea.)


Raven changes the game totally with patch 1.03.

Suddenly we have automatic Uber-blocking. The damage is reduced to a fraction of what it used to be. Just about *everything* is nerfed. No more spinning with medium stance, no more turning DFA's etc. etc.

The only thing that was left untouched was the backstab. (Turn your back to your opponent and press back+attack) Naturally, since the backstab was an unblockable one-hit-kill, "everyone" started using it exclusively.

The era of Assfighters began. No more face to face battles. It was all about who gets to jam the buttocks in your lap first. These were also the times of the l337 scirpters/binders, who used to do combos like "pull + turn your ass in the opponents face + execute a wildly spinning (a basic backstab, except it spins around & hits 10 times, because they tamper with Yawspeed) backstab with a press of a single button. Yay, much fun.

There were many cool things that came with the patch though.. but it was all overshadowed by the ludicrous Assfighting.

Oh yeah, and:

The community continued bitching and whining.
"Waahhh Waahh Waaaaaahhh!! I can't counter.... (You get the idea.)


Raven gives us patch 1.04

Not much seems to have changed. Assfighting was ended by nerfing the backstabs and pull. The game is playable again.

The community is still bitching and whining. )

It's a fact however, that when an official patch comes out, most servers switch to that one. You don't see many 1.02 servers or 1.03 servers anymore. They're mostly running 1.04 or mods.

ArtifeX's promod changes things a lot. One can only hope that more servers pic it up. "Getting kills 'cause you're skilled and dying 'cause you screwed up" sounds pretty good to me.

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