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name: emile

age: 23

location: london, uk

occupation: student ( BA English and philosophy )/army ( HM's Royal Military Police, 4th Regiment, ADGEN Corps )/Dj ( when im off school and the Army )

hobbies: computers, reading ( anything - once read the entire script on a bog roll wrapper for something to do ), music ( i am a DJ ), rugby ( play for my university ), various other sports ( i watch em ) and of course they are so damn hard to understand, you have to study them...

Fav music: anything cept for techno ( bastardisation of hard house ) and death metal ( i cant take it no more!!!! )...but i love most acoustic stuff like the cranberries and ecletic bads like lucy pearl...

Fav games: JK2, freedom force, baldurs gate 2, UT ( now the UT3k3 demo - already uninstalled UT...hey it was getting boring after a while ), Rune, Pharoah, Quake 3 and shogun.

All time fav game/s: the legend of zelda series, the megaman series and the metroid series ( was a big nintendo fan!!! )

most awaited game/s: kotor ( of course ), the next installment of American Army ops ( for what it is, its good ), halo ( on the pc ), ufo ( next xcom game ), UT 2003 and tron 2.0

"As long as you paid for it..."
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