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Originally posted by ShockV1.89

WAAH WAAH WAAAH I cant kill you because you're better than me WAAH No fair!!! WAAH!!
Who ever said life was fair, Shock?

Thank god you're like 30.000 miles away. I could always blame my ping if we were to meet on the battlefield (=I'd get my ass kicked).

So...j00 all ph34r my 1337 skillZ now! Ur OwnT!


Shadow Sith - what do you mean "1000hp"? In JO you die and respawn almost immediately. Just go back and continue what you were doing...right?

Got Honourz? Great.. I hope you choke on it!

I r0xx0r all j00 nooberz that mess with me. You nooberz suXor out of my way or I eat j00....

Most ridiculous Quote of the century: >)O(< ENmiTy: promoting mindless FFA and SD kills promotes disorderly conduct amoung the online community.
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