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ive found that if i just leave the saber at the ready...(fighting 2 dark jedi) it'll block alot of their hits. so in a patched version it blocks a lot more now? so 1.03 i take it is the best of the bad worlds?

cant spin anymore on medium? that sucks.

There were many cool things that came with the patch though.. but it was all overshadowed by the ludicrous Assfighting
what cool things?
is the blocking prefered as it makes it more fun and realistic light saber battling? or is it prefered to be outted?

fatal: your 1.03 analogy means to say that all the other moves did hardly any damage but backstab did the world of damage right?

in your summation of 1.02 i figure that you prefer blocking.

seems all they had to do to 1.03 was dumb down backstab or put back death from one blow...
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