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heres what I think....

I haven't play jk2 for some time now. But these changes have to be made fast to save the jk2 community.

1) release the SP sorce code.

2)more mp King Of the Hill, tag with explosive, the invisible jedi master(played buy 1 being the Jedi master armed only with a saber. At all times the jedi master is not visible, even with full seeing on. The only time the jedi is visable is when he attacks or uses force powers. this could be cool!!!.

3)Harder to perform death blows. I haven't played for some time but the back slash, back stab and death from above were a real problem and darn to easy to perform. However I think that death moves should be performable when another players life is nearly gone. That way only players with skill can use them and you get a cool movie like endding to a duel between jedis.

4)Damage for a saber or weapon should be random according to where it hits.

I have herd we will have to rely alot on the moding communeity alot for this game but shouldn't we get as consumers what we want from a product...
I am 1 guy and I bet that 1 of you out there have some diffrent views wich is fine and more power to you. I just don't like when a Company gives up on the product...when it could be even grater.

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