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psionic jedi, yeah Ive noticed blue seems to have best defense.
in my unpatched game...i turn to blue when fighting 2 reborn...

actually blue just seems the most stylish to me. your character does a lot of cool twisting n turning that i dont see on the other modes when you have on the blue attack mode. i mean in terms of how he swings the light sabre if a particular enemy is near or how he counteracts one of their blows or how your two sabers meet if u strike at the same time.

since when do developers listen to people whine?? they should only have changed issues which affected balance.
yeah some people want to feel more like they're in the movie...with all the various settings etc......but hey...the settings are perfect without ever having changed them. ive found that its all your you choose to fight is what will determine if it feels fun like the movie. most of us are starwars fans right? or have maybe seen the show.....who knows matter the settings...the way i play always gives me the fun as if im watching right out of the show.

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