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A sketch from Roger Foodbelly.

Hello fellow gamers and adventure developers,
I've thought a bit on publishing a sketch from the intro from Roger Foodbelly a while now, and since our background leader did publish it on another board for comments - then I don't think it'll do anything.

Since the IMG command is still off, I have to post the url to the image instead.

I hope you'll post a few comments on the image and tell us what you think. The image is from the elven town, and the intro will happen during the night. This scene might change a bit though.

The image

(Our background leader goes under the name; Tero Pasanen btw)

Atle Ragnar Jarnæs Lerøy | Gamedeveloper

Runestone Entertainment

Stay tuned. Soon Launched.
Roger Foodbelly -.- Official Site

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