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Originally posted by lilJedi
ive found that if i just leave the saber at the ready...(fighting 2 dark jedi) it'll block alot of their hits. so in a patched version it blocks a lot more now? so 1.03 i take it is the best of the bad worlds?
In 1.03 and 1.04, you are virtually untouchable is you go standing in a corner with you saber on. Normal hits won't touch you. Some people claim that they lasted 20 minutes (AFK) with 3 people swinging at them non stop only suffering some minor shield damage...thanks to the blocking. Special moves do get through though.. and that makes 1.03 & 1.04 a spamming contest in FFA:s >>> since powerups are littered all over the maps, the only moves that kill are specials

So, yeah...there is *way* too much blocking considering the damage that sabers do.

What Promod does is this: Blocking is not random as in 1.03 & 1.04. You need to focus on the attacker, and whether or not he hits you depends on how well you "focused" (=aimed) on him, how well he hit you,what stances you were using plus some other things like movement.. No luck, pure skill.

Anyways: single player is a totally different world. In multiplayer everything changes, no matter what patch you're running.

Originally posted by lilJedi
[B] what cool things?
is the blocking prefered as it makes it more fun and realistic light saber battling? or is it prefered to be outted?

1.03 had cool things like invisible absorb, blocking (though they went overboard with that) balancing of many issues (dark side powers mostly) and lots of bug fixes. IMHO blocking is an important part of "real" saberfights, but having a RANDOM blocking mechanism is kinda lame.

1.04: Blocking = good, random blocking = not so good, Random Uberblocking + weak sabers = bad.

fatal: your 1.03 analogy means to say that all the other moves did hardly any damage but backstab did the world of damage right?"

That's what he's saying. Backstabs were one hit kills while almost all other attacks were a) blocked b) did only minor damage.

"seems all they had to do to 1.03 was dumb down backstab or put back death from one blow... "

Ummm.....hey why don't you go work at Raven? They could use that sort of thinking.

You're absolutely right: deadly sabers alone would have helped counter assfighting a lot. 1.04 took away the backstab, but sabers are still weak. Promod, however, changes the whole system. Deadly sabers, manual blocking, no randomness. It's better than any future patch could be.

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