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Without those "SW fanboy hobbyists" the game would not have been made.
I'm sorry to have to inform you Hiteche, but that's utter nonsense. There's a difference between people who like the movies/EU and are enthusiastic about playing Jedi Outcast the GAME, and spotty herberts who want to pretend to be Jedi in that game.

I know as much SW trivia as the next man, I like the game... but I don't pretend to have supernatural powers, nor do I ever try to levitate my mouse with the power of the Force. The simple fact of the matter is that the game, as many including myself have stated before now, was hijacked by a bunch of loud and outspoken fanboys who had no idea what online gaming was all about. Jedi Outcast had a lot of potential in both the competitive and non-competitive gaming worlds, and those utter cauliflower-brains were largely responsible for JO's failiure to realise said potential.

And now as a matter of fact, a lot of them have gone, because they've realised that no matter how much they whine to Raven to tweak the game in their favour, they have no hope of achieving the levels of skill a gamesman can achieve. They're off sulking in some "no gunz no force no jump no moving no breathing" server somewhere.

You all argue that the game is not dead because YOU get to play. I cannot because the servers are shut down in my area. I live in Hawaii
That's unfortunate for you. What about the Zone?

Now go ahead and make a ignorant remark like "Make your own server".
And you accuse ME of being "abrasive?" Calm the hell down. Nobody likes a patronising person.

As for making a server, why don't you make an effort to find a large number of players from the same geographical location as yourself, who can work to re-establish some of your west-coast servers. It's doubtful you're the only Hawaiian looking for a game of JO. Or is that too much work?

It's all very well for people to pop up on forums complaining about how JO is dying, but none of them do anything constructive about their perceived problem. Oh, apart from making one of the ten-billion useless mods out there that make matters worse by polarising an already fragmented community.

I found this in the dictionary about the word Skill...
Good call TheWhiteRaider.

My Collins Dictionary adds something interesting to its basic definition of skill. ("special ability... acquired by training")

It says here that the word "skill" derives from an ancient Norse word "skil" which meant distinction. Something that sets one apart, a positive difference, in other words.

It all comes down to skill really. The fanboys wanted to BE Jedi. I suppose in their twisted minds that meant that the skill of a Jedi should be provided to them on a platter. But most of them hadn't even tried to play Single Player on Jedi Master skill. They were always going to be disappointed. That's why they whined to Raven... They wanted to possess that indefinable quality that others had worked for, without having to work for it. Yes, laziness. Yes, thievery. Yes, crappy behaviour.

Raven has to carry some of the can, for any negative effects of 1.03. But hey, they tried their best to fix it in 1.04, poor sods were only listening to the vocal majority.

But there are whiners in every game community. I think it's about time companies stopped listening to the vocal majority. Bugfixes YES, gameplay changes NO. They should wait over three months after initial release, then call in the statistically best players in the world as patch consultants. Instead of listening to billy-no-frags, that is.

Dont forget the Saga gametype has been discovered. Is that still considered true JO?
Anything that came with the game, activated or not, is true JO IMHO Miggs. N1 about the assault btw.

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