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I don't use addon maps much, as I'm not interested in fighting in film-locations, unless they're also GOOD MAPS. With a good dynamic. There are so few like that...

But if I ever wanted to pretend to be Obi-Wan on Kamino or something, and if a sign saying "Jango's Tanning Salon" appeared in front of me, I don't think I'd be laughing. I think I'd be trying to ignore it.

its is funny, so we like it!
Uh-huh. If you think the drivel people throw into maps to try to be "funny" is at all amusing, may I suggest you undergo psychosurgery immediately.

Spider's Mapmaking Lesson No. 1:

Don't try to be funny. If you were funny, you'd be comedians. When you try to be funny, remember that the funniest thing about your map will always be the fact that you thought you could be funny in the first place. Stick to making authentic maps.

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