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Sounds like u might need to have played a few rounds before u posted.

Right now the 1.04 patch has pretty much nerfed the damage of the game. Just last night while on a pub server I hit someone 5 , yes 5, times in red, two should have been unblockable but were, and finally with that last hit they died.

Random blocking sucks. Being able to block from behind while your saber faces front is just plain moronic. But so is random damage. Skill should always play a part in the game. You know that a certain hit or combo will kill and you can use this to your advantage.

But with some modifications in Jedimod that some servers run, like myself...Crazy Yoda (jmod v1.2), you can return alot of what was good with JK2 while still leaving out the bad, ex: spinning backstabs.

I have upped the damage to 2.5x if u connect over regular JK2, this is closer to the 1.02 standards. Also thru Jedimod I have made auto blocking far less freequent. With a value of 1.75 I have found that if your hands are firmly on the hilt of your saber and you are in a defensive position you can block very well. But if your in the middle of a swing and someone hits you from the rear or the side then you take lots of damage or simply get cut in half.

With these changes it takes skill to play. No longer does the "special" move rule the day. Come and try it out if you like, I think it may be some of what your looking for.

But if your really rabid for high damage accurate combat you can also try out Promod.

Yes base jk2 is flawed but still a good game platform for the modders in this community to use to create some fantasic gameplay.

Just play the not complain about it!
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